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bout to take the ride of my life

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Canadian music festival takes huge step against Native appropriation

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From their announcement:

For various reasons, Bass Coast Festival is banning feathered war bonnets, or anything resembling them, onsite. Our security team will be enforcing this policy.

We understand why people are attracted to war bonnets. They have a magnificent aesthetic. But their spiritual, cultural and aesthetic significance cannot be separated.

Bass Coast Festival takes place on indigenous land and we respect the dignity of aboriginal people. We have consulted with aboriginal people in British Columbia on this issue and we feel our policy aligns with their views and wishes regarding the subject. Their opinion is what matters to us.


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Nudes in the Louvre!

Mimesis in the Louvre: 

Mimesis (Ancient Greek: μίμησις (mīmēsis), from μιμεῖσθαι (mīmeisthai), “to imitate,” from μῖμος (mimos), “imitator, actor”) is a critical and philosophical term that carries a wide range of meanings, which include imitation, representation, mimicry, imitatio, receptivity, nonsensuous similarity, the act of resembling, the act of expression, and the presentation of the self  - wiki

I’d love to try this

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Meet Biddy, The Travelling Hedgehog

Those of us who want to travel but do not have the time or the money finally have a solution – we can travel in spirit together with Biddy the hedgehog, a little guy on Instagram whose travel photos are becoming insanely popular.

Toni DeWeese and Tom Unterseher, Biddy’s two loving owners in Oregon, take him on adventures almost every week throughout the Pacific Northwest. He visits mountains, forests, waterfalls, and the occasional donut shop.

[instagram] [h/t: catsbeaversandducks]

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every blogger from florida is an alligator w/ a computer. do not trust them.

um no they’re oranges, you must be new here

Actually we are senior citizens and confused tourists. Either way we can’t drive.

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I don’t get it


okay someone explain this now thank

I love how the people who know keeping blogging this without any explanation.

no one say anything

I don’t get it???

Now you’re thinking ….

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gay marriage is only legal in 18 countries but being gay is a crime in 83 countries like i’d literally be breaking the law just by LIVING in 83 countries in the world but yeah go on tell me again how “homophobia isn’t even a big deal anymore” thanks

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Holi, the Hindu festival of colour. (x)

This has to be the most beautiful celebration on the planet.

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« The Real Africa : Fight The Stereotype » by Thiri Mariah Boucher




I’m gonna reblog this til I get carple tunnel

My anthropology teachers said “the only thing africa as a whole needs help with is telling people that they don’t.”

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Legend Of Zelda Link’s Tunic Hoodie

Link’s Kokiri, Fire, and Water tunics, and Dark Link’s tunic are now yours. These hoodies also include the Hylian Shield and Master Sword on the back to keep you protected at all times. Sold on Etsy.